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We currently have four classic Ford trucks for rent in the Bozeman and Big Sky area. Trucks are the perfect addition to events for decor, cake tables, welcome or gift tables, or photo props. Consider classic truck rental for not only weddings but engagement, family, graduation or corporate photo sessions. The flatbed truck is a great substitute to boring and unattractive stages to feature live music.

3-Hour Rental, Delivery, Pick-Up (minimum): $300

Additional: $50/hour

Big Sky (and non-Bozeman) Transport Fee: $100 (total)

On Site Driver: $25/ hour


*Please note, trucks cannot be driven during the rental. A fee can be added to move the truck while on site.

1965 Ford F-100

The '65 has the sweet and delicate shade for your something blue, and borrowed too! The bench style leather seats in the interior will create great photos for rainy  or cold shoots.

1971 Ford F-100

The '71 is the creme de la creme. Fully restored and delivered to you with shining turquoise and sparkling chrome. The spunk of this truck and the attention to detail during restoration makes heads turn.

1966 Ford F-100

The '66 has a local history; it lived a long life as the work truck at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Its endearing (and operating) siren light and 'GALLATIN COUNTY' on the front panels make this the most unique truck we rent. The truck is not fully restored so wear and tear should be expected.

1963 Ford F-350 Flatbed [COMING SOON]

The most rustic of the fleet, the '65 is perfect as a stage or bandstand for your next Montana wedding or event. The bed provides the perfect amount of space for a DJ and ideal for 3-4 people playing live music.

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